Monthly Archives: December 2012

The Cloud is here to stay

Cloud computing is here to stay and much like apps it will change the way we use technology.  There is much terminology around cloud computing most of which is similar to other computer terminology, useful to those who work in the industry but downright confusing to those who don’t.

The infrastructure behind Cloud computing is a collection of datacentres i.e buildings located in different parts of the world containing large computers connected together and accessed through the Internet. 

Different companies, such as Amazon, DropBox , EMC and Apple, establish data centres and then rent out space or provide services on these computers.  Ireland has become a destination for these datacentres, with our weather as the key, these large computers need a lot of cooling and the climate in Ireland allows the centres to be cooled by air rather than by refrigerated units.  Which adds weight to the statement that every cloud has a silver lining.

 A development by Google in this area, is relevant to the large number of people who have accounts with Google and could bring these people more into the arena of Cloud Computing.  Google Drive, this service will allow you to store files including documents, photos, videos and access them anywhere. This is not anything new on what is offered by other companies such as Apple with their iCloud and DropBox but there is one distinct difference Google Drive will also allow you to edit the information using the existing Google Docs.  Goggle Drive provides you with 5GB of free storage.  In the past week they have included the ability to send large files through Gmail by firstly storing them in Google Drive and then attaching them to an email, as yet this is not available to everyone but will be available as an option for when adding an attaching in the new version of their compose window.

Other cloud storage offerings are Dropbox, iCloud, Cloud Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive each offer between 2 and 5 Gigabytes of free online storage for account holders.  This online storage can be used as an effective mechanism for backing up data.