What would Hamlet say about Backups

By | 14/10/2014
sarah bernhardt as hamlet with ipad

To Back or not to Backup

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet was a thinking man, and if he were around today.  I suspect he would have something to say about backups, as without them all the data on a computer system exists in a state of peril.

He might have said the following if  asked:




To Backup or not to Backup, that is the question –

Whether it is worthwhile to invest and connect a Backup system

and suffer the investment and extra time spent.

Or to resist,  stay away from backup altogether

and rely  on luck and good fortune,

place your trust in the machine

expecting that IT will work without fail.

That no misfortune will befall it ,

such as a misplaced cup of tea or coffee

that no wandering virus will alight from the Internet to infect,

that time and salt air will not decay or effect the faithful machine

that holds your work, your pictures, your messages,

that contrary to common sense your computer will develop

an immunity to breakdown, that will serve you into eternity.


Those who deem IT backup tedious and unnecessary

remain,  inactive and risk the loss of all of their data,

might suffer and through their suffering become noble.


Those that take the step to purchase and provide

not one but two devices apart from their working machine

as a safe haven for their sensitive data

Then they too can be considered noble and not alone noble but wise.


Joan Maguire  2014


Hamlet may not have had access to a computer but if he had he would probably be delighted to read the following absurdly simple guide to backing up your PC published by PC World.


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