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Storing emails

Many of us have very useful information stored in emails and would probably have to do a lot of extra work if our e-mails were lost. To backup or archive emails firstly check to see what type of email you have. There are basically two types of email organised under two protocols POP3 and IMAP, … Read More »

A Scary Story

    Halloween is a time when people indulge their fear of spirits and ghouls. When children do their damndest to frighten the life out of people , both young and old, calling to doors demanding treats with the threat of tricks if the treat is not delivered.  Well, here is a scary computer story. It… Read More »

Backups to the rescue 14th December 2010

It is that time of year again when the whistles and fifes are being dusted off and people from John street are treated with various terms of abuse on entering the pubs in the Goat street area, the bands are practising, the colours are being flown.  Before I turn to the subject of discussion for… Read More »

Backups to the Rescue October 2010

There are moments in our computer usage that are memorable, the first connection to the internet, preparing accounts, producing publicity material for print or for the web.  These are all good positive experiences which demonstrate the benefits of having a computer system in the home or workplace.   There are also other types of experiences… Read More »