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Somewhere over the rainbow

  In a recent survey carried out by a group of marketing students in IT Tralee on IT training needs of SME’s in Kerry. 83% of business owners stated that upgrading technologies is to costly, whereas 90% of business felt that their dependence on IT was increasing over time, s 55% of business owners felt… Read More »

Every question has an answer

In the past days there has been a lot of publicity about the theft of private images and their distribution on to the wider Internet without the consent of the owners of the images.  This occurred because the photographs which the people thought they had deleted had been uploaded to their iCloud account, their iCloud… Read More »

It has to come through the Pipe !!

Who would have foretold the extent of present day use of the Internet and the way it has grown since the world wide web was invented in the 1990’s. It can be said that the Internet is as important as a water connection to any  businesses in the west of Ireland.  Even though it is… Read More »

Online reputation

While the majority of us will not be concerned if any one overheard what we did or said on the Internet, it is necessary for a business to maintain a good online reputation.   Companies offer online reputation management as a service but in a small business there is an amount you can do yourself.  … Read More »

The dog won’t listen to music anymore

It takes thinking to understand how all the eight notes of an octave and their sharps and flats, can be reduced to ones and zeros and then be reproduced as the magnificent sounds that arrive at your ear.  This is the technology of digital recording and playing devices Digital sound recording converts a human voice… Read More »