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Online reputation

While the majority of us will not be concerned if any one overheard what we did or said on the Internet, it is necessary for a business to maintain a good online reputation.   Companies offer online reputation management as a service but in a small business there is an amount you can do yourself.  … Read More »

Sniffers on networks and Following Santa

How do we know that our passwords our bank details and other personal items are secure and protected when we are working on the Internet.  The simple truth to that question is that we have to trust the people who own or manage the network to protect our data.  We can secure data on our… Read More »

HIP HIP Hooray

One of the primary aims of speaking with another person is to communicate. There are many signals and tones that we use to identify a safe person to talk to. We hope that when we speak with someone that we will be understood.  It is highly unlikely that we would have a prolonged conversation with… Read More »