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Online reputation

While the majority of us will not be concerned if any one overheard what we did or said on the Internet, it is necessary for a business to maintain a good online reputation.   Companies offer online reputation management as a service but in a small business there is an amount you can do yourself.  … Read More »

Fionn Mac Cumhail and the Google of Knowledge

Was Fionn as cool as Google Amongst all the thrilling entertaining and inspiring events that took place during the recent Feile na Bealtaine in Corca Dhuibhne, one vision has registered in my mind. As the fife and drum band were passing over Strand Street there was a woman standing on the side of the street… Read More »

The Digital Divide

We in Ireland, have a digital divide, which is often described as being generational. The first of these two are the people who wish technology, and the global invasion that comes with it, would go away. These people, often secretly, hope that it won’t last. The second are the people who believe that technology is… Read More »