Every question has an answer

In the past days there has been a lot of publicity about the theft of private images and their distribution on to the wider Internet without the consent of the owners of the images.  This occurred because the photographs which the people thought they had deleted had been uploaded to their iCloud account, their iCloud… Read More »

It has to come through the Pipe !!

Who would have foretold the extent of present day use of the Internet and the way it has grown since the world wide web was invented in the 1990’s. It can be said that the Internet is as important as a water connection to any  businesses in the west of Ireland.  Even though it is… Read More »

I smell a rat!

While the sun is out and shining light on the cobwebs in the house I would like to take some time to describe a horror of modern day computing. This horror is akin to having rodents in your house.  They lay claim to part of your house, make nests, breed their young and then they… Read More »

A tale of two biscuits

What is a cookie, some time ago a cookie was only a small biscuit that went very well with a cup of tea or coffee, but since the advent of the world wide web a cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer created by a website that you have visited.  The cookie… Read More »

Storing emails

Many of us have very useful information stored in emails and would probably have to do a lot of extra work if our e-mails were lost. To backup or archive emails firstly check to see what type of email you have. There are basically two types of email organised under two protocols POP3 and IMAP, … Read More »

Storing Personal Memories

A most useful initiative has been undertaken by Library of Congress under the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program.  As part of this initiative, they have provided a guide on how to preserve your digital memories. So many people have their correspondence, photographs , tapes and videos stored digitally at this stage, and each… Read More »